Deviled Eggs

It’s a mystery to me how it happens.

But every year, millions of Easter eggs become Deviled eggs.

And here’s the scary part: The transformation makes them MUCH TASTIER.

Does it make me a bad person that this time of year I dream of downing a whole tray of those delicious temptations?

Here’s where the name comes from (according to Wikipedia):

In the 19th century, deviled eggs were so named because of the process of turning ordinary eggs into something zesty. I guess putting some mustard and pepper in with the yolks added a little of the devil to them.

So here’s my question. Why does Jesus’ holiday feature cold, dry boiled eggs, and the Devil gets credit for the SINGLE GREATEST POTLUCK DISH EVER CREATED???


I guess we have a tendency to equate self-denial and simplicity with God, and attach anything remotely indulgent to Satan.

Well I’m done with that.

As of this moment, I am RENAMING Deviled Eggs into Resurrection Eggs.

Who’s with me? Send this to 30 of your closest friends! It’s a revolution!

Oh, who am I kidding?

It just doesn’t have the right ring to it. (I wasn’t a big fan of “Freedom Fries” either.)

Tell you what. Instead of us worrying about the old-timey names or “sinfulness” of our favorite foods, let’s just THANK GOD for them!

God, after all, did not send us his Son because he hated  the world, but because he loved it. This life is meant to be enjoyed responsibly.

That means you and I can sit down for a healthy feast of deviled eggs, deviled ham, and devils food cake, if we want.

We’ll be safe in the knowledge that…

The devil didn’t make us do it.

Have a great week,


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