Oh the places you’ll DOH!


Doctor Seuss is who I’m not
but for a moment, here’s a thought
for those who long to disappear
and journey any place but here.

Inside and out we feel the heat
and long to stretch our stretchy feet.
It’s time to go, so we believe,
check out, explore, vacate, and leave.

If you can fly and wear a cape
it’s Super easy to escape.
But ticket prices soar so high
and gasoline? Not cheap to buy.

And time off work? And summer school?
You may be lost! Don’t lose your cool!
If summer looms and sticks you stuck
Just fan your faith and find your luck.

The place, in truth, that feels small
is not a place, in truth, at all.
It’s not your school, or work, or home
that fills you with the urge to roam.

It’s your poor glass that’s less than half.
If it were half, you still could laugh.
It’s even less than three-fourths gone.
Three quarters gone? You’d still go on.

Your glass is empty! Not a drop!
You’ve nothing left! You have to stop!
It’s running dry, your spirit-cup,
it’s time to fill that glass back up!

That’s why folks go to South Dakota,
South Palm Beach, or Minneola.
Vacation time, time spent at large
is time for sleepy souls to charge!

But even if you’re stuck in town
there’s parks to play in, brats to brown,
there’s 15 minutes without a sound
a dozen ways of calming down.

And God will help your soul to fill
Just ask for help! I swear, God will!
On sandy beach or your backyard
God’s love’s the trick — It isn’t hard.

Find little things like ice cream cones
Find great big things like trees and stones
No matter if you go or stay
You’ll find yourself along the way

Perhaps you will get out of town,
perhaps you’ll have to hunker down.
No matter haps you’ll come out great
Let go! Let God rejuvenate.

(Are you an artist?  Take a look!
Why don’t you illustrate my book?
We’ll split the profits, you and me
and next year fly to Waikiki!)

Have a great week,


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