Over Exposed


Ephesians 5:13 says “Everything exposed to the light becomes visible.”

Why does that scare me?

Recently I was on vacation down in Orlando, out swimming in the pool, when it started pouring rain. That part was kind of cool, but when it began lightning, I decided I’d better head inside.

We were running, and it was raining, and I didn’t even have a towel, and suddenly I was in the main hotel lobby. Dripping wet, just pale ole’ overweight me in my swimsuit.

With everyone else, fully dressed, staring at me.

I swear I’ve had nightmares similar to that.  Although in those I don’t think I was even wearing a swimsuit. 😉

No, it’s not like I was streaking or anything, but I still felt vulnerable. Over exposed, if you will.  I was happy to get back in clothes again.

I’ve decided I’m more of a stayed-covered-up kind of guy.

Still, that scripture makes me wonder:  What if we couldn’t cover up at all? What if we couldn’t hide that nasty scar or that ridiculous tattoo? Or stretch marks, or bruises, or…

What if we couldn’t cover up anything?

What if the stranger passing you on the street knew everything about you?  Your bank account? Your sexual history? Your arrest record? Your fear of clowns?

Can you imagine?

I claim to not like secrets, but I sure hold close the ones that I choose to keep. What about you? Is there part of you that you like to play close to the vest? (That is, if you’re lucky enough to be wearing one.)

And is this the cost of true discipleship?  Either you stay outside the Kingdom of God and risk getting struck by lightning, or come into the fold where everyone can see all your imperfections?

Wow, what a choice!

No.  I don’t think Christianity was designed to leave us feeling over exposed, but rather to help us shake free from the need to hide.  There’s a big difference.

The writer of Ephesians equates standing in the light as living in the presence of God. That doesn’t mean swimming for your life, and it doesn’t mean living in the harsh light of the world, either.

It means basking in the glow of your Creator, living faithfully, just as you are.

Next time I’m in Orlando?

I’m working on my tan.

Have a great week,



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