Seeing Double



Today’s devotion comes largely courtesy of a cool post from

Click on the link below and you’ll get to look at pictures of famous landmarks — taken from two wildly different perspectives.

Take a look and then come back here!

Beautiful and fascinating, right?

(I love all of the images, although the Roman Pantheon shot through the doors of a McDonalds made me cringe.)

Wouldn’t it be cool to see everything with both kinds of perspective?

An up close, vivid shot, perfectly framed,
and a distant wide angle shot that sets things into their proper context?

Think about how much more accurately we would perceive the world around us.
As if one eye were a microscope and the other were a telescope!

We’d be much more in tune with the world around us, and our place in it.
We’d be equal parts subjective and objective.

Most of all, we’d perceive the beauty of life with much greater clarity.

It’s entirely possible to do this!

In fact, this is a gift given us through faith.

If we look at life through the lens of faith we develop a kind of double vision.

We tap into a spiritual kind of eyesight beyond our own physical seeing.
We learn to see through God’s eyes as well as our own.

Like any skill, faith-seeing is something we must develop.

We practice through prayer, centering, and desiring to be part of the Kingdom of God.
As we progress, we begin to see the Big Picture, the world as God may see it.

We begin to see how beauty extends beyond the end of our noses.
How each small piece of life connects with the other pieces.

Shadows become more 3-dimensional.  Colors become more diverse.  The scope of life widens.

Our definition of beauty deepens.

. . .

Seeing double is how we see beyond ourselves.  How we catch the vision for the whole of God’s Kingdom.

Seeing double is how we innovate, how we become spiritual entrepreneurs, how we know our task as disciples.

You can do this.  See for yourself.

All it takes is a little faith…

and a little perspective.


Have a great week,




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