Terms and Conditions


This evening, I thought I’d sit down for a couple hours…

and review all my Terms and Conditions.

Are you caught up on yours?

Let’s see.  Where to start.

I think I’ll start with OS 8, the latest update for my Iphone.  When I installed the software it brought up pages of tiny text that I clicked past without even looking at it.   I wonder what I agreed to?

Then there’s Facebook.  People are always concerned about Facebook stealing their privacy.  I guess I’ll have to review all the fine print to find out.

Of course, this isn’t just a matter of computer stuff.  I’m pretty sure there were terms and conditions when I bought my last car.  I should probably read them.

And don’t forget that super-fast voice at the end of just about every commercial on TV!  Terms like “Void where Prohibited”, “Use only as directed”, and “Do not attempt” all come to us from this netherworld of tiny print.

Mostly I think of all of it as lawyer-speak, and easy enough to ignore.   And that’s probably what I’ll continue to do.

But should I?

Some folks will point out this is how we give our rights and our privacy away.  One update at a time.

Others will say we’ve learned to ignore how litigious and bureaucratic our society has become.

I hear all that.  But truthfully, I know me.  I probably won’t change how I treat all that fine print stuff.

I wonder, though, if I need to pay attention to how I treat the Bible.

Sometimes I forget that Christianity comes with its own Terms and Conditions, too.

Virtually every page instructs us, sets boundaries and asks for accountability.  I’ll admit there are times when I flip past all that legalistic or jargony sounding stuff without a second look.

Is that okay?

Nope.  I don’t think so.

You and I can wrestle and argue with scripture, and seek to interpret it and apply it, but we’re not supposed to ignore it.

Even the tough spots!

So, when you come upon a text that seems dense or challenging or makes you uncomfortable,

picture the following disclaimer written along the bottom of the page:

By all means, Do Attempt!  DO ATTEMPT!

Maybe this evening, I’ll pick up my Bible and read a little.

Even though my Study Bible has a ridiculously small font,

I’m reminded that there’s not one chapter in the Good Book

that should be relegated to the category of

Fine Print.

Have a great week,



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