Scouts and Trustees




A True Story:

As it turned out, it was just men who showed up to the Trustees meeting last night.

We sat around the table in the library, talking about concrete, and wood floors, and our old church bus.

Meanwhile, right outside our window, the Scouts were making all kinds of noise.

They were taking turns running down the sidewalk, timing each other in a 50 yard dash.

I remember thinking, “Some of those boys will be us in 30 years, drinking coffee and talking about lightbulbs.”

– – –

We headed outside then, to inspect the curb.

There we were, a bunch of middle-aged men, standing right in the the middle of the racecourse.

Once we realized, we scooted out of the way, and watched a few of the boys take their turns.

“7.50” was the time of one boy.

“8.20” was the next.

Even the larger boy, with his 10 second run, seemed to streak by us to the cheers of others.

I thought I caught a whiff of wistfulness in a couple of the other men’s eyes.

I know it was there in my own.

– – –

I’m not exactly sure what happened next.

The sun was setting, and it was clearly magic hour, but I would swear that the next person to run wasn’t a child at all, but one of the Trustees.  He zipped by us, and the time-keeper called out “12 seconds. Good hustle!”

From then on, the groups seemed to merge.  A Scout would run, and then a couple Trustees.  Everyone yelling in encouragement.

Even the oldest of our group, who had somewhat of a limp, made it down the sidewalk, a Scout on one arm, and a Trustee on the other.

They all whooped and cheered for him and his 26 second outing.

And I ran too.  And felt energy returning to my bones, and the evening breeze on my face.

I felt alive.

Soon, magic hour gave way to dusk, and the Scouts and Trustees separated to end their meetings.

The Scouts had future adventures to plan.

The Trustees had facilities to care for.

– – –


Every bit of this story is true… except for a few parts I may not be remembering correctly. 🙂

But I can tell you this:

God created us to be both Scouts and Trustees.  To adventure into the world, and to care for home base.

And if you want to see what that looks like in action,

just come down to the church next Monday night…

and we’ll be here to cheer you on.

Have a great week,

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