Easter People, Raise Your Eyebrows

Easter-2-500x250Happy Easter!

It’s a week and a half after Easter. How do you feel?

Did you leap from your bed this morning like a bunny? Are your hard-boiled eggs still all the colors of the rainbow?

Most importantly, did you feel like an Easter people?

A week and a half is not a very long time but in that span many of us have forgotten that Easter ever happened. Oh, we will still remember that Easter happened, in history, but we tend to forget that it happened to us.

I don’t know about you but many times it’s only after the fact that I begin to understand how important something is. The deep meaning of a conversation. The symbolism of a book or movie. That’s how it should be with Easter, too.

That certainly is how it would’ve been for the disciples, understanding more and more what this miraculous event meant for themselves and for the world. It would take a good 10 days just to get over the drama and shock of it all!

I could go so far as to say that if you and I aren’t pondering the miracle of Easter here and now, then we may have reduced it to a spectacular encounter with ham and pie, jellybeans and chocolate.

You and I know it’s more than that.

Easter people, raise your eyebrows. Ponder what it means that Christ is come back from the dead, and into your life. Reflect upon how your life is different. It is, isn’t it?

If you’re not sure, don’t stop reflecting until the stone has been rolled away from your heart.

Go on…

Hop to it!

Have a great week,



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