When’s the last time you took on a Goliath?



You seem like a capable person.

You’re intelligent, and experienced.

You strike me as someone with gifts and abilities you can put to use.

You’ve got some talent. I can tell.

So, I’m just wondering:  When’s the last time you took on a Goliath?

You know what I mean?   A challenge.  A pretty big one.

Not just a typical Tuesday’s little problems to face — I’m talking about something BIG.

I’m talking about something fairly risky, fairly difficult.

Something large enough so that success is not automatically guaranteed.

When’s the last time you took a deep breath, and just went for it?

Took on something that would make you feel proud, and God, too.

Something that drew on your faith, but would definitely require God’s help.

The truth is — there are always Goliaths out there.  Obstacles, challenges, needs, ministries.

Things that threaten the growth of the Kingdom.

You and I are called to rise to the occasion.

To gather our courage.

To overcome and accomplish and advance the cause.

Not just in little ways.  In big ways.

So, yeah, I was just curious:

When’s the last time you took on a Goliath?

I’ve been racking my brain…

and I think I’m due.

What about you?

Have a great week,