An Alternative Christmas

“Truly you are the Son of God.”

Matthew 14:33b

Christmas has been done and overdone. This year I’m going to go alternative. Here’s how I plan to celebrate An Alternative Christmas:

First, I’m going to shake things up in the Christmas lights department. Instead of twinkly white or colored lights, I’m going to find some strings of black lights and hang them outside my house. Then, when people come by, especially those wearing white clothes, they’ll be the ones that are shining brightly. Pretty cool idea, huh?

Then, instead of WRAPPING gifts, I’m going to try RAPPING them. Try this on for size:

This year instead of wasting a cardboard box,
I bought you this pair of sustainably made socks.

Well, that one might need some work.

And finally, instead of making a wide variety of Christmas cookies, I’m going to try my hand at sushi. All kinds of sushi! Yummy sushi for all and for all a good bite.

Okay, this is getting ridiculous.

When people talk about having an alternative Christmas, what they’re typically saying is that they want to have a Christmas that is centered on Christ above all else. Seems like that shouldn’t be “alternative” at all, but it’s easy for us to slip into the familiar mayhem of decorating/present buying/hosting and so on. The way we celebrate Christmas can lead us into too much excess, too much consumerism, and not enough celebrating that, truly, Jesus is the Son of God”.

This year, how about donating some of that Christmas budget to a charity that helps people struggling to get by? Jesus would like that. How about lighting an advent candle in your house? Or maybe setting aside time for prayer, offering sincere thanks to God for this amazing gift.

It’s possible to choose these and other “alternatives” and still celebrate in all the fun ways we’re used to. No, we don’t need black lights and sushi to do something different this year. All we need is a little spiritual energy to take us back to what Christmas is supposed to be about.

Rapping may still be a good option:

This year instead of going overboard
Let’s focus our attention on the birth of our Lord.

Hmm. I’ll keep working on it.

Have a great week,