Top 10 Essential Apps For Christmas

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Looking for something exciting, challenging, and helpful to take you all the way to December 25th?  Look no further.

We’ve assembled our TOP 10 Essential App List for Christmas this year.  Try these out and we promise you won’t utter a single “Bah Humbug” all season!


10. APPROACH:  You’ll never make it to the manger if you’re not willing to move.  Spend some time in prayer remembering what Christmas is all about, and then get in gear.  Even as you approach Jesus, Jesus is approaching you.

9. APPREHENSIVE:  This is not a relaxing weekend in Branson.  It’s a life-changing adventure filled with risks, unknowns, and even a little uncertainty.  Hearing the Christmas story should shake you up a little. It’s a good thing to be a little apprehensive.

8. APPETITE:  Cookies and Presents can bring great joy.  They can also bring gluttony and greed!  Be intentional about what you should be craving.  Love, Peace, Hope, and Joy are present in abundance.  Here’s to having a healthy appetite.

7 APPRECIATE.  The sky on Christmas Eve always inspires me, if I remember to look up.  Being with my relatives is fun, if I have the right attitude.  The Miracle of Jesus gives me chills, if I truly listen to the stories.  There’s so much going on that you might miss the whole point of Christmas, unless you focus your heart to appreciate the heart of it.

6. APPRENTICE:  We celebrate two Christmases each year, the cultural one and the Christian one.  Both can be fun and exciting, but it is the Christian experience of Jesus’ birth that can nourish us our whole lives long.  There are young people (and some older ones too) who may only learn this version of the story if you apprentice them.

5.  APPROXIMATELY.   Don’t worship a well-wrapped present or a beautifully set table, when the sole source of perfection is cooing from the manger.  As for everything else?  Approximately good is good enough.

4. APPLAUD.   Children’s programs at church.  Concerts around town.  Carolers at your front door.  Joy is contagious, and the hard work of those who step up front to share their offering can ignite in us a passion we might otherwise have been missing.  Find reasons to applaud this year, especially for the Greatest Story Ever Told.

3.  APPROVE.  What if you gave Christmas five stars on Yelp and shared an amazing review with everyone you know? Christmas doesn’t require your approval, but the Good News spreads all the faster when you make your two-thumbs-up shown.

2.  APPEAR.  The incarnation, Emmanuel, God with us, is more amazing than a magic trick. Don’t look away, and don’t minimize the Word of the Father, now in flesh appearing.

1.  APPLY.  What are some of the most important life lessons you’ve learned from Christmas?  The joy of giving.  Peace on Earth, good will to all.  Go, tell it on the mountain, over the hills and everywhere!  Christmas is supposed to change us, to inspire us all year round.  How will you apply what you’ve learned?

There you have it!  Our Top 10 APPS for Christmas.  Keep in mind — just because they’re free, doesn’t mean they’re not high quality.  Best of all, I’m allowed to offer them right here!

Who needs an actual APP store?

Well, Apple might be appalled to see this page approvingly appreciated.

Have a Great Week,





God made the apricot.

And in the center of the apricot, God placed a Hershey’s Kiss.

The same with the apple.  And the cherry, and the peach.  Delicious, sweet fruit, and in the middle, a nice lump of chocolate.  Or warm caramel.  Maybe nougat?

No, this is not a game of Candy Land.  (Or Candy Crush.)

It’s just the way I think things ought to be.   Doesn’t it make sense that if God created everything, and called it good, and created us to enjoy the bounty of this earth, there might have been a few more gumdrops and a few less pits?

I think so. However…

Do you know what’s really in the center of those fruits, listed above?


That’s right.  Right in the middle of your favorite fruits, a deadly toxin.  It boggles the mind.

Now don’t worry.  The cyanide comes from the seeds and kernels and pits, and you’d have to ingest A LOT of those innards to get sick.


It seems like a strange arrangement for creation.  Something tasty and sweet and lifegiving on the outside, but poisonous at the core.

It sounds like the kind of a gift a wicked witch might give in a fairy tale, but not the sort of thing a Loving God would create.

Apparently, God is more complicated than I thought.

Apparently, God is not Willy Wonka.  God did not create a world where we can eat every bit of the scenery, and lick the wallpaper too.

Apparently, God did not set the world to be our buffet, where everything is just laid before us, easily accessible.

I’m not just talking about food, now.  I’m talking about Life on Earth.

It did not come gift wrapped for us.  In fact, we come crying and innocent to it.

Our lives have pits in them.  Tough places.  Toxic places.  Challenges and cautions that we must face.

Life, the way God designed it, is not chocolate filled.

Life has pits.

But somehow, in the confronting of those daily perils, have you noticed?

Life is sweeter.

Have a great week,