Signs and Si ns

You are the light of the world.

Matthew 5:14a

If you’re gonna have a sign, keep these four ideas in mind:

1. Keep it visible.
I was driving into work today and passed by a lovely full color banner outside a business. The banner had slumped down between the two stakes holding it up, and it was impossible to read. What a waste of time, money and energy!

2. Keep it simple.
It drives me crazy when I pass a billboard on the highway and don’t have enough time to read it. I think, “who designed this? I don’t even know what they were advertising.” Remember, people move fast!

3. Keep it up.
Lots of businesses and churches have those signs that are individual letters placed on three to four lines. I hate it when I see letters missing or poorly spaced. You’ve only got a few lines to get your message across, so make sure you’re striving for excellence!

4. Keep it lit.
This is one of my biggest pet peeves. Businesses will spend thousands and thousands putting the name of their company in big neon lights out front. If one or more of those lights isn’t shining, it looks unkept, junky, and like you don’t really care about what you’re representing. Yuck!

I’m sure not everybody cares about signs as much as I do, but you’ve only got so much of an opportunity to say what needs to be said. Don’t blow it!

There’s one more kind of sign I want to bring up: YOU.

You are a sign, whether you choose to be or not. What you wear, how you act, what you say can all be advertisements for your favorite rock band, sports team, or fashion logo. You can also choose to be a sign pointing to the Kingdom of God. But I caution you, if you’re gonna point to a life in Christ, keep those same four things in mind.

  1. Keep it visible. Make sure the YOU you present to the world is the one you want people to see.
  2. Keep it simple. People move fast, so make sure your first impression is a good one.
  3. Keep it up. Don’t let your sign fall into disrepair. Take regular care of your words, actions, and even the shirt you choose to wear.
  4. Keep shining. We are called to be the light of the world. A sincere smile and a loving countenance will help God’s love shine for all to see.

This is the life we’ve been given.

It would be a si n not to be the best sign we can be.

Have a great week,