Going Undercover To Save The Church

There’s a reason I sport a moustache and a goatee: Without them, I look about 18 years old.

So, why not put my youthful features to use?

Maybe I could make a difference by going undercover.

That’s right. I’m going to attempt something right out of “21 Jump Street”.

I’m going to infiltrate today’s youth. I mean, we have a great group of youth at our church, but I want to get to all the others.

Yep! I’m gonna fake some enrollment papers and “move” to town as a High School senior.

I’ll get to know the different groups of kids–The dweebs, the jocks, the brainiacs, the preppies (I’m a little out of practice on slang terms for social groups)–and I’ll find out why young people are staying away from church in droves.

And then I’ll make them change their minds.

I’ll show them that being part of a sports team isn’t worth it if you have to play games on a Sunday morning, missing church.  Of course, our attendance goes down for all ages whenever there are sporting events happening.

I’ll convince them that our church isn’t hypocritical like some other churches.  Of course, we try so hard to be open minded that many folks have no clue what it is we stand for.

I’ll explain to them how much the Holy Spirit is present in our church.  Of course, we tend to sit on our hands and mumble-sing through most of worship.

I’ll list examples of  how much we care about the world.  Of course, we have a hard time trying new things in new places.

I’ll remind them how important rituals like communion are.  Of course, sometimes it doesn’t feel very spiritual. We tend to rush it so we don’t run overtime.

I’ll invite them to serve on committees.  Of course, they tend to meet at inconvenient times, doing things that may or may not seem very vital.

And above all, I’ll make it clear how much the church cares about them.  Of course, our budget and volunteer involvement don’t always reflect that.

Hmm.  The more I think about it, the more I see how hard of a sell the church can be for today’s youth.

I have another plan.  Instead of trying to go undercover in our approach to today’s youth, let’s not just tell today’s youth they’re important to the Kingdom.

Let’s show them, by listening, collaborating, funding, and giving power to them!

Remember, you can cover it up with a moustache…

But merely talking about (or at) the youth

is still just giving lip service.

Have a good week,