Heavy Dancing

Then Miriam the prophet, Aaron’s sister, took a timbrel in her hand, and all the women followed her, with timbrels and dancing.

Exodus 15:20

This past Saturday, the Kansas State Marching band marched into Aggieville, stood out in the middle of the street, and gave a concert to the crowds who had gathered there. It’s a tradition after their grueling band week, when they learn a whole season’s new pieces.

It was awesome! The drums thundered, the trumpets wailed, and it felt like I was standing on the football field, right in the middle of the band.

I stood right behind the sousaphones (like a tuba). Students carry these monstrous brass instruments, wrapped around their shoulders as they belt out their low earth-shaking tones.

Each section of the band had different choreography, dances and movements to go with the music. Among the least vigorous of the dance moves were the sousaphone players, encumbered as they were with their heavy instruments. Still, I was impressed with their turning side to side, moving up and down, even taking a knee during a quiet moment. Most impressive was a complete 180 degree jump from left to right. They had to have worked up a sweat!

Here they were, carrying a lot of weight (35+ pounds) and still able to dance. That made me think about my life. I carry a lot of weight — not just my body (which is overweight!) but also my mind and my soul. I’m aways carrying around the weight of the world, it seems, or at least my own personal encumbrances. It can be a heavy load, and sometimes there’s no relief in sight.

But even so, I can be part of the parade. I can dance, even in spite of the heavy lifting I’m doing. When life is particularly weighty, I may not dance around like the piccolo players, but I can treat life as an invitation to dance. And sing. And play my part.

I was already a fan of the marching band, but this outdoor concert really captured me. Seeing all these students working together to make beautiful music restored my faith that I can be part of something greater than myself. Something that can lighten my load.

Something worth dancing about.

Have a great week,