6 scary Bible costume ideas

There’s scary, and then there’s SCARY.  These costume ideas are based on scripture, and while they may or may not frighten children, they ought to put fear in every adult Christian’s heart.

Here we go:  (YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!)




This one’s easy.  Just dress like you normally do, but thoroughly douse yourself with water.  When people ask, tell them you’re one of the folks who laughed at Noah.  Then, tonight, when you can’t sleep, shiver to realize the times you heard a prophet’s warning, thought they were all wet, but it turned out that YOU were.




In the Old Testament, it’s like a refrain.  16 times we are called to care for the alien, the widow, and the orphan.  These were the most vulnerable people in society, and that remains quite true today.  To dress up like one of these folks, dress like normal, pack a small bag, and shudder to think about life with just about everything you like/love ripped away.




All you need for this costume is a robe and a fake bag of money.  Who hasn’t heard the story of Jesus telling the bright young man all he needs to do is sell all his possessions and follow him?  If you’re like me, you’ve spent countless hours trying to decide just how literal Jesus was being.  After all, just like the man in this story, I’ve got a frightening amount of stuff I just can’t seem to let go of.




Grab a burlap sack.  Stencil the word “SIN” on it in big letters.  Add some fake sweat and you’re ready to go!  Dressing as someone who hasn’t asked Christ to carry their sins will remind you (and others) just how hard life can be without the miracle of faith.  (Here’s a chilling thought:  How much are you still carrying around?”)




Two men went up to the temple to pray.  And you’re gonna be dressed as the wrong one.  Pick out your nicest, most pretentious outfit, lift your eyes to the good Lord in heaven, and add a little swagger to your prayer.  Perfect, you’re a pretentious Christian!  As you lord your good standing in heaven over all the other trick-or-treaters, be sure to take a good look in the mirror.  BOO!  God help you if you recognize yourself!



Kaitlyn Pilate

Yep.  This last costume actually has a name.  Grab a robe, maybe a cape, and a bowl of water and you’re good to go.  At every doorbell you can wash your hands of all responsibility for any tricks that might get played.  And while you’re at it, take a moment to think of all the times you might have washed your hands instead of standing up for what’s right, stepping out in faith, and doing the hard thing.

There you have it!  You’re all set to go door to door, filling your plastic bucket with goodies, but with a purpose! No matter which of these costume ideas you pick, you’re guaranteed a chance to do some soul-searching into the murkiest depths of your faith.  It’s true, you might be frightened by some of what you experience, but it’s nothing  the Holy Trinity can’t redeem.

Hmm.  Kind of like a Three Musketeer’s for the soul.

Have a scary week,



I Got Egged.

If you then, who are evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will the heavenly Father give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him!”  Luke 11:13

I got egged last night. (Halloween)

Well, I was the intended target. And I kind of deserved it.

See, I didn’t get home until 9, but I’d left our outside lights on. I wonder how many eager kids rang our doorbell only to be answered by the frustrated “woofs” of our big bear of a dog, Charlie?

Actually, that’s part of the reason I wasn’t home. I just couldn’t picture a whole night of dog eruptions every two minutes. And I hadn’t bought any candy, and we live in a new subdivision, and I didn’t know if there would be many kids anyway. Last year I gained 5 pounds from the leftovers. Either I’d have a Charlie-induced headache from too many kiddies, or I’d have a sugar-induced headache from eating too much candy because there weren’t enough kiddies.

So I went to a movie. God forgive me, I abdicated my role and responsibility as an American homeowner. Instead, I sat by myself in a theater and watched a special screening of Ghostbusters, one of my favorite movies from my late childhood.  It brought back some great Halloween memories.  (Too bad I wasn’t making some for somebody else.)

When I pulled up at 9, I was sure all the trick-or-treaters would be done, but our street was still filled with the sounds of teenagers making their late-night rounds. Sheepishly I pulled into the garage, walked into the house, and turned off the outside lights. I still didn’t have any candy. Time to pretend I wasn’t home.

Then the siege began. If you can call it that.

A handful of neighborhood boys had clearly seen me arrive home and douse the lights.  They wanted revenge. I sat in the dim light of my dining room, my traumatized dog beside me, and I could hear them circling the house, talking.

“He’s in there. I think I can see him.”

“Where’s my egg?”

“No guys, look! That’s him through the window!”

At this point, Charlie could take no more. He bellowed mightily and the boys screamed off into the night. Charlie and I couldn’t help but grin at each other, like the Grinch and his dog Max.

An hour later, Jan was home, and she let our dog out to do his business. He returned inside with something in his mouth.  A whole egg, complete and intact. Those poor boys got neither treat nor trick from me this year.

I did not feel satisfaction at this notion.  Suddenly, I felt terrible! I had missed Halloween.

How many times do you have the opportunity to give gifts to your neighbors? To have them standing at your front door? I blew it, and I knew it.  If I could find those guys I’d tell them I’ve learned my lesson.  Instead, I’ll have to prove it to them.

Next year, I’m gonna be the best house on the street. I may even get full-sized candy bars to pass out! (And toothbrushes?) I’ve been reminded that caring for the children is my responsibility, too. God wants me to give good gifts to these children, just as God has given good gifts to me.

Sorry, kids, you didn’t manage to get any egg on my house, but I assure you…

There’s plenty on my face.

Have a Great Week,


photos by Jepster, Julep67