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I’m not a line guy.

Waiting in line is hell for me.

I have left a full shopping cart of groceries at the front of the store because I didn’t want to wait in the check out line.

I have traveled an extra 30 miles out of the way to avoid being stuck in a traffic jam.

I have driven for 3 years without an updated license and registration to avoid the lines at the DMV.

Okay, that last one is a lie.  But I’ve THOUGHT about it!

I don’t like lines.  I hate waiting, which has me worried.

What if I get up to the Pearly Gates, and there’s a line?

Jesus kind of implies that, you know.  Remember when he says “The first will be last and the last will be first”? That kind of sounds like there will be a line.  Potentially a LONG line.

And I hate to admit it, but I don’t see myself very close to the front.  Quite the opposite.

If there are 7 billion people on this planet, surely most of them have suffered more than I have.  And of those who’ve suffered less than me, surely a bunch of them have been more devoted servants in their lives than I have.

I may be stuck towards the back!

Which brings me to my new definition:

“Hell is the length of the line between where we are and Heaven.”

It’s something for us to think about, as we make choices about how we will live, and who we will serve, and what we will worship.

It’s something to ponder as we take or give, as we consume or create, as we live gracefully or selfishly.

The line between us and our God does not involve standing and waiting, but loving and serving. The distance between our lives and the Kingdom of God is set by our own willingness to PARTICIPATE in the Kingdom in our lives, right now.

So, don’t worry about the Pearly Gates, friends…

The line forms HERE.

Have a great week,



God’s Time

God’s Time… Mitch

God are you impatient with me?  I know you’ve got every reason to be.
All those things that I swore I would do.  All those things I never got around to.

And all the while I was shirking my share, all the world was in need of repair.
All I’m asking is a brand new start, I’ll follow the beat of my heart

To God’s time now. God’s time now.
Follow the leader, pick up the beat or fall behind.
In a moment things can change unless you rearrange
your priorities and put them all in line

In line with God’s time.

Now I’m hearing something different.  I could swear you said be patient
When temptation swallows me whole, and when I neglect my soul.

All the dreams that I’ve tried to juggle, all I needed was to give up the struggle.
Before the harvest you plant the seed, the waiting is hard unless you believe in

God’s time now.  God’s time now
What’s in the hurry?  The joy is the journey, so take it slow.
A life fulfilled is found by making every moment count
So count your blessings now and you will find yourself

In God’s time.

So are you patient or impatient, I wish I could understand.
Sometimes it feels like you’re saying hurry up, slow down as fast as you can.

But when I think about it, yes I see some truth in this paradox.
The world would be a marvelous place, if we felt God’s grace,and set our clocks to

God’s time now. God’s time now.
Life unfolds slowly, so we must live boldly what we believe.
And when life on earth is through, time goes on for me and you.
For eternity is waiting right behind
God’s time.


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