Dandelion Whine

This is my yard.

The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever.

Isaiah 40:8

We haven’t received a single complaint, yet.

But driving up to my house I’m aware of the pristine green of the lawns on either side, and the patchwork of yellow on mine. Yep, we have dandelions. Lots of them. I worry about the day a single dandelion pops up over at the neighbors, because there’s no hiding who the culprit is! The truth is, it’s not just laziness or obstinance that keeps me from making sure “our” dandelions don’t become “their” dandelions. It’s a firmly held belief that they’re beautiful.

I love dandelions. Little eruptions of yellow outside my window. And then, overnight, they become magical puffballs of white, easily carried by a strong breath or the wind. Which is, of course, the problem. If I could just make sure these flowers would stay in my yard, I’d cultivate them instead of grass!

Yes, I said flower. Someone once told me they were a weed. Not so! Wikipedia tells me they’re flowers. Entirely edible, and nutritious. I’ve never tried dandelion wine, but I know it’s a thing. Dandelions are crucial for pollinators like “birds, bees, and beetles.” They came over on the Mayflower because of their medicinal properties. And the wispy white spheres are perfect for making wishes.

In short, they have more going for them then grass.

The truth? Unbeknownst to me, my wife went out today and bought a bottle of some spray or another, and put an end to this year’s dandelion festival. It was the responsible thing to do and the grown up thing to do. Maybe I would have done the same thing in a couple days. It was pretty while it lasted.

Let this be a reminder to me that flowers fade, and grass turns brown, and life moves on in cycles. Dandelions are temporary, but as the writer of Isaiah reminds us, the word of God stands forever. That Word is, I assure you, 100% nutritious, and essential for all creation. And I’m pretty sure the Bible also came over on the Mayflower.

I am sad the dandelions are gone, but I remember that the Word of God is forever.

And if you cultivate it carefully, you can spread it to your neighbors…

and they might not whine at all.

Have a Great Week,


The Word of our God will stand forever.