I was leaving church last night, turning onto College Street, when I saw a figure crossing the road.

My car lights cut through the silhouette, revealing it to be a young woman, walking by herself.  She could have been high school or college age.

She kept her head down as she crossed in front of me.  Once she’d crossed, I was able to see what she wore on her back.

In huge letters, on the back of her hoodie, were three words:


So many thoughts went through my head:

  • She could have chosen so many messages to wear.  Why would she choose that???
  • Maybe she was a total introvert, and truly just needed her space.
  • Perhaps she was deeply troubled.  Coming from a rough home.  Broken and isolated.
  • How do we share God’s love with someone who wants to be left alone?

She passed on by.  I have no idea who she was.

But I’ll admit it.  It bothered me.

It made me wonder where she got that hoodie from.  Did she put the letters on herself?

No, it turns out there’s a market for that kind of catch phrase.


I found her hoodie online.  $50.

There were t-shirts, bomber jackets, hoodies, hats, pants, and more, all with that same slogan.

I wish there wasn’t.

It’s one thing for a person to desire solitude. For regenerating, for peace and quiet.  It’s another for a human being to send out a message to the cosmos expressing a desire to not be part of it.

The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. –Genesis 2:18

I believe this is true.  Men and women were not created into isolation.  We are a people of family, a people who live and love together, even when things are tough.

The fact that there are millions of kids out there wearing these messages of isolation reveals nothing we shouldn’t already know:  Some people have been so burned by being with others, they’d just as soon go it alone.

Hey, maybe she wore it to be cool, or ironic, or trendy.  I don’t know. And I want to respect her privacy if that’s really what she needs…

But I’ve also learned not to automatically believe everything I read.

If I knew that girl…she’d have definitely gotten my attention.

Whether she thinks she wants it,

or not.

Have a great week,



The Return of Me To My Home


I want to fly.

Like the dove, perched on Noah’s finger, launching out into the air.

I want to be free.

Like the stubborn young son, heading off into the unknown.

I want to see the world, and have a million adventures, and go it alone.

I want to kick the dust off my feet and say goodbye to this

and hello to who knows?

But let me tell you, it can be tough out there.  No fixed place to land.  No land to call my own.

As much as I have longed to break free, I discover something in me is broken when I go my own way.

Home was more than a word.  It was a haven.

Home was more than a safe place.  It was my refuge.

I would be better off as a hired hand, than lost and tossed about.

I would be able to rest my wings.

To be certain, I still want to fly.  I still want to stretch my legs.  But I can celebrate this return to my launching pad.

The return of me to my home.

And in light of my flight and my spite

This is me,

Carrying an olive branch.

Have a great week,