Magic Words


I long to find the perfect words.

Words that will open every door.

Words that will make sense to folks on the left and the right of me.
Words that will keep a Church from the threat of schism.
Words that will bring the world to its senses.



I wish God would put magic words into my mouth.

Isn’t that what the Holy Spirit is supposed to do?

Words that will bring people back to Love.
Words that will make things clear.
Words that will cut through every artificial barrier.



. . .

I spend so much time trying to choose my words,
trying to search for the right thing to say,
trying to be eloquent,

And so little time trying to JUST BE.


Maybe I should try THESE words:


(Welcome to Lent)





Have a great week,


The ABC’s of Poor Communication

“The spirit of the Lord speaks through me,
his word is upon my tongue.” – 
2 Samuel 23:2

Annie likes Brian, but he doesn’t know.

Brian’s unhappy, but won’t let it show.

Craig has a secret that he’s never told.

Darla’s just desperate for someone to hold.

Ely’s elated, but wears a blank stare.

Freddie believes that nobody would care.

Greg’s given up on relationship stuff.

Hosea shut down, when the world got too tough.

Irene is irate, but she won’t tell you why.

Joe is a “real man” — you won’t see him cry.

Kate won’t contribute, too scared to be heard.

Lou thinks that Love is a four-letter word.

Moira’s a fortress, prepared for attack

Ned talks about you behind your back.

Oliver learned long ago to be fake.

Pete can be open, but he’s taking a break.

Qadir lives in fear that his lover will leave.

Ross knows the truth — but no one would believe.

Sherry acts scary to push you away.

Terry says nothing, but wants you to stay.

Ursula talks, but won’t listen at all.

Violet is waiting for someone to call.

William stays quiet to blend with the crowd.

Xavier gets nervous and talks too loud.

Yvonne can’t share, ’cause she never learned how.

Zach won’t ask, but he needs help RIGHT NOW.

God gave you a mind and a voice and a heart,

If you’re not communicating…

Now’s a good time to start.

Have a great week,