H2Okey Dokey

top-brandsMaybe I’ll have a bottled water taste test.

I could blow like $20 on bottles of Dasani, Aquafina, Smart Water, and all the other ones out there, and sample each one, and rank them by preference.

It just seems like with all those options out there I ought to have a favorite.  I mean, what if it turns out the Fiji bottle shape is head and shoulders ahead of Evian’s?  What if Ozarka’s taste blows Voss out of the…ahem…water?

And what if filtered water out of my fridge beats them all?

Wow, there sure are a lot of factors complicating things for a couple hydrogens and an oxygen.  Hmm.

I mean, do I really need to pit different containers of H20 against each other? Honestly, I don’t know exactly what my water taste test would achieve, except to thoroughly hydrate me, which I suppose would be nice.

It’s WATER.  And this bottle may taste a little different then this bottle, but maybe I don’t need a favorite.  Maybe I can just be glad to have it.  Maybe I can just drink it.

When Jesus offered a woman a drink of Living Water he did not worry about what electrolytes were added or if if was condensed from clouds.  He did not offer it in a particular package or at a certain temperature.  In fact, the whole point of his Living Water metaphor was that it was elemental.  It was quintessential.  It was beyond ranking or preference or promotion.

It was as simple as this:   You have thirst.   Here is Water.   Drink.

Ahh yes. That takes me back to the good ole days when water just showed up in drinking fountains or garden hoses.  Water was from the tap or a pitcher in the fridge and that was about all you could say about it.

Remember then?  You have thirst.  Here is water.  Drink.

Yeah, no bottled water taste test for me.  I’ll stuff all the bottles in my fridge and drink one when I’m thirsty.

Call it a spiritual thing, but for me I just want water to be water.

I want my water with a little mystery.  Variety.

Elemental.  Quintessential.

That sounds just H2Okey Dokey to me.


Have a great week,




Fill’r Up.

Gas-Sation-Tips_Web-960x640Remember full service?

Gas stations, I mean.

It was so easy. You’d just pull in, roll down the window, and say “Fill’r up!”

And then you’d watch as other folks did it all for you:

Oil? Checked.

Tire Pressure?  Checked.

Windshield?  Washed.

Wow.  That seems like a long time ago.

You can still find a full service station every once in a while, but over the past few decades things have swung dramatically into the realm of “self serve”.

You get out.

You pump your own gas.

Maybe you wipe off the windshield.

The oil and the tires?  Eh, they’re probably fine.

We certainly have a different experience at the pump today than folks did 30+ years ago.

Interestingly, some of the changes in our gas stations have happened in our churches, too.

It used to be the pastor and the choir would do most of the work filling people up with The Spirit.

Sermon? Check

Anthem? Check

Prayer? Prayed

Just to be present in the congregation would fill people up.

And that still works for many.

But more and more, today, people like to pump their own Living Water, so to speak.

Seeking on their own or in small groups, active and engaged, both in the church and out in the world.

I wonder.  Which do you prefer?

Are you more the Full Serve or Self Serve type?

Well, if I was working at the station on the corner (and by the way, I am) I’d work hard to find a way to offer BOTH options.

Full Service and Self Service spirituality options,

multiple methods to “fill’r up”,

so that everybody can be powered by the Holy Spirit,

operating at the highest possible Ministry Per Gallon.

Have a great week, Mitch 01c513f0d3dbca8db1e36955f1820cfa