Whispers and Flickers


Signs, signs, everywhere the signs.

But none of them are the one I’m looking for.

Sometimes I just want a sign from God.  Ya know?

A big ole billboard on the highway.  A crystal clear message in great big letters.






Instead, I get whispers.  Hints.  Little flickers of insight.  A song on the radio.  A touching post on Facebook.  Tiny little messages that speak to me, and MIGHT be from the Holy Spirit.

Why do God’s signs have to be so small like that?  So subject to interpretation. Maybe I don’t WANT a flicker of insight.

Maybe I want a burning bush! Maybe I want a rainbow.  Or a pillar of fire.

Or a voice speaking my name.  Clearly.  Sounding something like James Earl Jones.

Is it wrong to want a SIGN?  I mean, if God can do anything, why not give me some marching orders?

Hmm. Maybe God has no further information to impart at this time.

Maybe God just wants me to keep marching.  Could be.

Or maybe God figures I’ve learned enough stuff to figure it out on my own.

I do have the Bible, as do you.  Definitely some good stuff in there.  And my church talks about faith and grace a lot. I have lots of God-given resources to help me find my way.

And when I look back at my life I can see how God’s been there for me, time after time.

Subtly, most of the time.  But there.

You know, as I think about it, there is a difference between being subtle and being silent…

And God hasn’t been silent.

I may want a billboard with instructions on it, but God prefers whispers and flickers most of the time.

I get that.  And, honestly, most of the time I guess I prefer that.

There’s something marvelous about a God that gently guides,

as opposed to one that hollers

“Do this. Don’t Do That”.

Have a Great week,



Can you commit?


Incoming message for you…from Jesus:

You, my friend, are confusing!

I mean in terms of your actions.  You’re all over the place!

Check this out:

com·mit/kəˈmit/  Verb.

  1. Carry out or perpetrate (a mistake, crime, or immoral act): “he committed an uncharacteristic error”.
  2. Pledge or bind (a person or an organization) to a certain course or policy.   (Google definition)
Isn’t it weird h0w one little word, “commit”, can point in two diametrically opposed directions? 

For Christians, to commit means either to 1) carry out a sin or 2) join a group opposed to sin.

That’s just wacky! And the wackiest thing is I’ve seen you do both!

Sometimes you’ll commit a sin, usually when you think nobody is looking. It’s as if you’re not in your right mind. You focus all your energy and effort into doing the very thing you know you shouldn’t be doing!

I once said this to my disciples:

‘Very truly, I tell you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin.” (John 8:34)

Nothing makes me sadder than to see you enslaved to your passions, selfish desires, and so on. I wish you’d stop.

I wish you would take all that energy and passion and focus it in the direction of the Kingdom! That’s something worth being committed too.

Old Job had a rough go of things, but even so, he kept the right focus.  Remember when he said this?

“As for me, I would seek God, and to God I would commit my cause.” (Job 5:8)

I love that. Good for him.

And what about you? You’ve got so much potential. So much to offer the world and the Kingdom. It’s so good having you committed, when you focus on Love and Compassion and Justice.

As for those other times, when you commit to the wrong things…

I forgive you. I always will.

But keep this in mind, friend:

Choosing whether to commit a sin or commit yourself to the Kingdom…

can shape the definition of your whole life.

Have a good week,