Easter People, Raise Your Eyebrows

Easter-2-500x250Happy Easter!

It’s a week and a half after Easter. How do you feel?

Did you leap from your bed this morning like a bunny? Are your hard-boiled eggs still all the colors of the rainbow?

Most importantly, did you feel like an Easter people?

A week and a half is not a very long time but in that span many of us have forgotten that Easter ever happened. Oh, we will still remember that Easter happened, in history, but we tend to forget that it happened to us.

I don’t know about you but many times it’s only after the fact that I begin to understand how important something is. The deep meaning of a conversation. The symbolism of a book or movie. That’s how it should be with Easter, too.

That certainly is how it would’ve been for the disciples, understanding more and more what this miraculous event meant for themselves and for the world. It would take a good 10 days just to get over the drama and shock of it all!

I could go so far as to say that if you and I aren’t pondering the miracle of Easter here and now, then we may have reduced it to a spectacular encounter with ham and pie, jellybeans and chocolate.

You and I know it’s more than that.

Easter people, raise your eyebrows. Ponder what it means that Christ is come back from the dead, and into your life. Reflect upon how your life is different. It is, isn’t it?

If you’re not sure, don’t stop reflecting until the stone has been rolled away from your heart.

Go on…

Hop to it!

Have a great week,



Fuzzy People

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You ever meet someone who seems a little out of focus?

As if they don’t quite click into reality.

Maybe they tell you conflicting stories about their life.

Maybe they seem needy — or unhealthily independent.

Maybe you’ve met someone, or know someone, who looks like a human being, but acts like someone who is just acting like one.

I’m talking about people who have been broken into so many pieces that they may never be successfully put back together again.

I call them Fuzzy People.

Some Fuzzy People get that way from abuse.

Or years in the foster system.

Some Fuzzy People have untreated mental illness.

Or dangerous substance abuse.

Some Fuzzy People have all of the above.

It’s hard to know how to help Fuzzy People.  They may require more than you can ever give.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. That doesn’t mean there is no hope.

There is counseling and medication and treatment and time and care — it can take the love of many people and agencies to help these most broken of people.

And your compassion plays a part.

So love as you are able,

and say your prayers for Fuzzy People.

That their damaged lives may come to see God’s love

more clearly.

Have a great week,


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Maybe Cold People



Why are some people so cold?

You know?  That person you wave to every morning on your way to your desk…

who never waves back.

The teenager who will never say more than “I’m fine” when you ask about their day.

The person in your Sunday School class who never shares about their own life, and hardly seems to care about yours.

What’s up with them?  Why do they act like the Walking Dead?

Is there life inside those distant eyes?

Here are some thoughts I’ve had on the subject:

Maybe Cold People…

are insulating themselves from being burned again.

Maybe Cold People…

are playing dead and hoping no one notices them.

Maybe Cold People…

are frozen stuck from terror, disuse, or some other form of paralysis.

Maybe Cold People…

have a head cold and thoughts aren’t connecting with their heart or mouth.

Maybe Cold People…

aren’t warmed up because they haven’t had enough practice socializing.

Maybe Cold People…

Aren’t really cold.  Maybe they’re just very introverted, or not very emotional, and that’s okay.

And yes, maybe sometimes Cold People…

are icy because they have an (ice) chip on their shoulder.

– – – – –

When I find myself in the presence of a cold person, my first instinct is to think that I’m the reason they’re acting that way.

That’s probably not the case.

And my second, kneejerk reaction is to become defensive over their perceived defensiveness.

That’s probably not helpful.

The truth is, God made people of all shapes, sizes, and temperatures.

So, if folks aren’t as outgoing as you, it’s certainly not a crime.

And honestly, you can’t change someone’s temperature anyway.

Maybe Cold People will change, and maybe they won’t.

They have to make that change themselves.

All you can do is lift high the Light of Christ

and invite others…

to be warmed by it.

Have a great week,