A Prayer for the First Day of School



Kids are going back to school today.
For some, it’s their first first day.
For some, it’s their last first day.

Bless each student as they enter new classrooms,
make new friends,
open new textbooks.

Bless their pencils with perfectly sharpened tips.
Bless their backpacks, with the tags still on.
Bless their notebooks, pages blank with expectation, only a name written in the corner.

Bless every teacher.  Calm their jitters.  Grant them wisdom.
Bless every parent.  The ones crying tears of separation.  The ones crying tears of relief.
Bless every janitor, administrator, nurse, para, lunch worker and coach.

“See, I am making all things new”, you tell us from your throne.
So may all be transformed by this turning of the new school year.

May the ‘C’ student become a ‘B’ student.
May the outcast find a friend.
May the bully learn to love.

And may all of your children learn, most of all, to keep you in their hearts,
on this first day of school,
and every day.


Have a good school year!