If I Were God

In you, Lord my God,
    I put my trust.

Psalm 25:1

This might sound bad, it might sound odd:
I’d love a chance at playing God.
To be omnipotent would be
a welcome change for one like me.

I’d be a good God, just and true,
and love my people through and through.
Well truthfully, I think there might
be one or two I’d like to smite.

I’d champion free will of course
and never rule by power or force,
Unless my people go astray
at which point I might change their way.

The world would be a wondrous land,
made in my image, with my plan.
No war, no famine, no grief or pain.
Nothing to lose, nothing to gain.

And every prayer that I received?
Depends on what each soul believed.
I’d answer fairly — mostly so.
Sometimes, to mean folks, I’d say ‘no’.

And I’d sit back upon my throne
and notice I was all alone.
No people left to bow their heads
a world of robots left instead.

Turns out my plans would all be flawed,
I think I’d make an awful God.
I don’t profess to know, at last,
the ways God’s Kingdom comes to pass

God lets the world grow as it should.
God lets us live through bad and good.
With hearts of faith and lives of prayer
we learn to see God everywhere.

And so, I’ve come to realize
the job of God, seen through God’s eyes
requires more grace than I have got.

Thank God for God…

Who I am not.

Have a great week,