No Peaking!!!


Show of hands:

How many of you have sneaked an early peek at a Christmas present?

Maybe you’ve come across the secret stash and couldn’t help but look. Maybe you could “accidentally” make out what the box says beneath the wrapping paper.

Maybe the suspense was just too much and an opportunity presented itself, and before you knew what you’re doing…you took a look.

Well stop it!

You’re messing up the best part of gift receiving.  The anticipation.

A wrapped gift appears beneath the tree. Excitement and mystery begin to build.

What could it be?  Will I love it? Is it what I think it is?

That’s the best part, but if you’re not careful you can take all the fun out of it by peeking.

Now, another show of hands:

Who thinks I’ve misspelled the title of this devotion?

I swear haven’t! I really do mean “peaking” (as opposed to “peeking”).  Here’s why:

Just as Christmas gifts are more fun when you let the excitement continue to build, Christmas has more meaning when you let it build, too.

The truth is, Christmas Eve is not meant to be the peak.  Nor is Christmas Day.

All the waiting and anticipation of Advent does lead to Christmas morning, but some people build their whole lives towards that explosion around the tree, or that family dinner, as if it is the peak of human experience.

And it’s not! There’s more to come.

Christmas is a day to celebrate Christ with us. He came, and he will come again!  And the Spirit of Christmas is the same Holy Spirit that we celebrate on Epiphany and Pentecost and every other day of our lives.

If you focus too much on one 24-hour period of celebration and adoration, you run the risk of peaking too early.

You’ve got a whole year ahead of you.

Why not think about Christmas as an energizer, a motivator, a celebration of Jesus who has come to be the life of this and every party?  Even in March.  Or August.

Can you imagine it?  A life of faith without peaking!

So there you have it.  Two Christmas rules that sound just alike:

No peeking, and no peaking.

Resisting the urge is guaranteed to make you merrier.


Have a great week,