Three guys walk into a fire

Three guys walk into a fire.

No, it’s not the beginning of some bad joke. It’s the beginning of one of my favorite Bible stories.

Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego. Three good, faithful boys who refused to bow down to King Nebuchadnezzar.

And because of that? They burned.

Well, wait. They were supposed to burn, but they didn’t. Wow!

Now cut to this week.

This week, Colorado is on fire. Hundreds of homes destroyed. Thousands of people evacuated. The pain and destruction has been devastating, and the fires aren’t out yet.

I cringe to watch the news or check the internet. I can feel the heat from here. And I wonder, where is God during all of this?

Where is the angel?

In the Shadrach story there is a fourth figure there in the flames, protecting the three boys. It is an angel from God, sent to protect them.

Just as importantly, that angel was sent to be with them. To go through the fire with them.

The moral of that Bible story? God is in the fire, taking the heat with you. Loving you through anything.

I believe the same moral can be said today.

Please keep the firefighters in your prayers. They come from surrounding states and different backgrounds. They face the fire head on because of their strength, their training, and for many, their faith.

These men and women may be too busy to recognize it, but I believe there are angels with them, there in the blaze, fighting right along side them.

As we watch, from a distance, let’s remember.

God is with us always, and

it’s no joke when…

Three guys walk into a fire.

Keep praying,


images from and AP