Welcome to Weekly Devotion


Each week, Rev. Mitch Todd sends a new devotion out into the cosmos.
They’re here, they’re free, and they’re for you.

Even better, you can sign up to be notified when a new one is up.
Just click the link to add your email and you’re good to go.  

Rev. Mitch Todd is a United Methodist Pastor in Mulvane, Kansas.


(Mitch w/ the city of Tel Aviv behind him)

Be sure and browse the list to the right to find something that will boost your faith today.

Feel free to share them with others!

3 thoughts on “Welcome to Weekly Devotion

  1. Last Sunday just reminded Dick and I how much we are going to miss you! Your spiritual guidance as well and your music talent is not to be found in any Methodist Church we have ever attended. Good Luck to you Mitch and God’s blessings on you as you travel to your new church in Mulvane.

    Dick and Carlee Woodson

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