It’s the super fun party game that is sweeping the nation!

Or did, rather, back in the 80’s.

Actually, it’s still quite popular today.  More than 50 million games have been sold.

You know the drill, right?  A square stack of blocks, and players take turns carefully moving a block from the bottom to the top.  Sooner or later, the tower becomes unstable and the blocks come crashing down.

And everybody yells, JENGA!!!

I’ve played some variations on the game over the years, most noticeably what I call “Kitchen trash Jenga”.  My wife and I will take turns adding more trash on top of an already full can.  The first one who can’t keep the trash from spilling over — has to take it out.  JENGA!

On a more serious note, people play Jenga with their lives.  Adding one more thing to an already busy schedule.  Piling more onto a precarious existence, whittling away at their stability, and hoping against hope things won’t come tumbling down.

“JENGA?”  Somehow, when your life threatens to come crashing down, it doesn’t feel like a game anymore.

I must admit that I go through phases when I look at the world through JENGA-colored lenses, so to speak.

I look at the government, the environment, the economy, and I think…are we down to the last block here?

Are we at a tipping point?  Game over?

Even in my own religious denomination I can feel that way.  Are we to the point where things are about to crumble around me?

I cringe, hoping not to hear the cry of “JENGA!” because I don’t want things to end.  And certainly not in a pile of rubble.

Suddenly the word takes on feelings of doom and desperation!


The problem with real-world Jenga is, it’s no fun. Not a healthy way to live.

May I propose another game to live by?

It’s called, Follow The Leader.  And by “Leader”, I mean Jesus.

Jesus is always on the go.  Into new places and old places.  Precarious places and stable places.  The perilous heights, and the rock-solid foundation.

Follow the leader, and you can’t go wrong.  Wooden blocks can be tumbling down all around you and Jesus will show you the way through.

Governments, environments, and economies can teeter, but Jesus will never totter.

Even a church or a denomination may find itself at risk of JENGA sometimes, and yet our Leader leads us onward, because the Kingdom of God will never fall.

Keep your eyes on the Leader, and you’ll go where you’re needed.

You’ll be on the unassailable path of love.  Ready to build up the Kingdom.

Things may fall apart.  They sometimes do.  But I’m done cringing at the thought of “JENGA!”

Instead, I’m loudly proclaiming,


Have a great week,