QUIZ: Do you love the USA?

In honor of Independence Day in the U.S.A., here’s a little quiz.

Let’s see just how much you love your country!

Question 1: How many states have you visited?

A) 1-10   B) 11-25   C) 26-49   D) 50

Question 2: How many national, state, or local elections have you voted in?

A) None. Never registered.  B) None. I’m too young!  C) Oh, a few  D) Too many to count

Question 3: How many civic or military organizations have you served in?

A) None  B) Armed Forces  C) Rotary, Optimists, Lions, etc.  D) B & C

Question 4: How much $ have you spent on fireworks?

A) None!   B) Less than $100   C) $100-$500  D)  More than $500

Question 5: How have you tried (other than voting) to make your voice heard?

A)  Nothing.  B) Signing petitions  C)  Canvassing neighborhoods   D) Posting political things on Facebook    E) Protest Marching

Question 6: When you’re at the ballpark and they sing the national anthem, do you:

A)  Keep talking with your friends  B) Take off your cap and stand silently  C) Put your hand on your heart  D) Sing your guts out

Question 7:  How many American flags do you own?

A) None   B) One   C) Two  D)  More than two.

Scoring:  For every “A” give yourself 1 point, for “B”, 2 points; “C”, 3 points; “D”, 4 points, and “E” 5 points.

If you got anywhere from 7-25 points…

     I have no clue how much you love your country.


The truth is, you could do all of these things out of a sense of duty, or guilt, or habit. Actions are important, but they don’t always reveal a person’s true feelings.

So, while I strongly suggest singing the National Anthem and voting whenever possible, actions can’t  be the judge of how much you love your country.

Only you can really know that.

The same is kind of true for loving God.

You can go to church every Sunday, drive your next door neighbor to the grocery store, pledge a million dollars, and keep all 10 commandments, but that doesn’t mean you love God. Not necessarily.

The truth is, you could be an active church member your whole life, and never really know the love of God. (Let’s hope not!)

Actions really are important, but Love is what matters most.

The more you are in touch with Love, the more authentic and God-centered your actions will be.  That’s true whether you’re out on a date or worshipping in church or even waving the flag.

So… back to the U S of A.

A couple more questions:

Question 8. Do you care for the welfare of the people of this country? Do you hope for our common future?  Do you cherish the freedoms you have?

A) No  B) Yes

Question 9. Even if you don’t always agree with how things are done, and even if you don’t always show it, does this country hold a special place in your heart?

A) No  B)  Yes

If you answered “B” to Question 8 or 9, then chances are you love America!

NOW that we have that established…how are you prepared to show it?

(Please go back up to #1)

Happy 4th,


photo by http://www.robins.af.mil/news/story.asp?id=123051993

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