Election Night Drinking Game

Now, you wouldn’t think a good Christian devotion like this would offer a drinking game.

Think again, my friends!

It’s been a long, painful election season.  No matter who gets elected, just about everyone has been bruised by our political process this time around.

So grab a glass of your favorite sparkling fruit juice, root beer, or ice cold tap water, and play along!


1.  Whenever your home state is mentioned on TV, take a drink.

2.  Whenever a swing state is decided, take a drink.

3.  Whenever the phrase “electoral college” is mentioned, take a drink.

4. Whenever a local, state, or national concession speech is made, take a drink.

5.  After every trip to the bathroom (you’ll be drinking a lot), take a drink.

6. Before you go to bed, pray this prayer:

God of all people, your Son Jesus told us that those who are thirsty for righteousness are blessed.  May all our newly elected officials thirst for righteousness.  May all those who were defeated tonight thirst for righteousness.  May all who voted, and all who didn’t, thirst for righteousness.  We pray this for your sake, and for the sake of our world.  Through Jesus, who offers us Living Water, AMEN.

Have a great next four years,


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