HOST:  Welcome to today’s theological olympics!

In this corner, looking positively radiant, we have The Savior of the Universe, Jesus!

And in this corner, with eyebrows raised, we have everybody’s favorite Vulcan, Mr. Spock!

Gentlemen, are you read for today’s question?  Here we go:

“You have 100 sheep.  1 is missing.  What do you do?”

JESUS:  Well, I actually told a story about this.  I would go after that lost sheep. And then rejoice after finding it.”

SPOCK: Fascinating.  Logic would dictate that the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Or the one.

HOST:  Ahh, we have a moral conundrum!  I’m curious, folks at home, what do you think?

Which is more important — reaching out to the lost, or feeding and caring for the flock?

It’s certainly a question that has gripped Christianity in the last few years.  For decades, many of our churches have turned inward, which means they stopped looking for the lost.  Nowadays, some have advocated drastic changes in our churches, so that virtually all our efforts would go towards reaching out.

JESUS:  That is the Great Commandment I gave, after all.

SPOCK: It seems illogical to pursue those on the fringes at the detriment of those at the center.  Does it not make more sense to sacrifice that one lost sheep so that the flock can continue?

JESUS:  Actually, Mr. Spock, I know a little something about sacrifice.  I was willing to sacrifice myself, for the good of the whole.

SPOCK: As was I.  My point exactly.

JESUS:  Yes, but my sacrifice was to show that love of the lost, the forgotten,  and those on the fringes is so important so as to be worth dying for. It is that kind of love, in action, that must animate any flock that bears the name Christian.

SPOCK:  (Pause)  Fascinating.  (Nods, slowly)  I believe, Jesus, that your proposition is highly logical.

HOST:  And there you have it!  Even Mr. Spock can see that, as Christians, “The Needs of The Many” can only truly be met when they are caring for “The Needs Of The Few.”

That’s it for this edition of the theological olympics.

Live Long And Help Others Propser!

Have a good week,



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