A couple work friends and I went out for lunch today.

We talked about haunted houses, and movies, and church, and favorite restaurants.

Lots of laughter in between mouthfuls of Beef Teriyaki.

Later, one friend was talking about the first 45 record they ever bought. (Crimson and Clover)

So I mentioned my first album I ever paid for. (It was a Blondie record)

And our other friend shared their first music purchase, a cassette.  (New Kids On The Block!)

It was only then that it occurred to me to ask:

“Hey, how old are you two?”

The friend across from me was 56.

The friend to my right was 34.

And I’m 44

This was not the first time the three of us had shared a meal, but it was the first time I realized…

There are at least 10 years separating each of us.

Three friends.  Three generations.

A Baby Boomer, a Gen-Xer, and  a Millenial.

I thought this kind of thing wasn’t supposed to happen.

Aren’t Baby Boomers supposed to look down on Gen Xers?  Aren’t Gen Xers supposed to be rolling their eyes back at them?

Aren’t Millenials supposed to be at the gym, or doing something Hipsterish?

Apparently not.  At least not during lunch today.

Today the differences in our ages were apparent, but not as obstacles between us.

They were perspectives.  Sources of wisdom from different starting points.

A passage from Psalm 148 says

Young men and women alike,
old and young together!
Let them praise the name of the Lord,
for his name alone is exalted;
his glory is above earth and heaven.

Now, I wouldn’t call any of us necessarily old, or particularly young,

but even though it might have looked like we were just eating, I think we were praising the name of the Lord, too.

There was a fourth with us in that booth, you see,

celebrating the joy of Christian community,

who is far older than the rest of us



Have a great week,





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