Grumbling Replacement Therapy


Do everything without grumbling
–Philippians 2:14

This passage makes me sad.

Because I’m a really good grumbler.

I can grumble out loud in a meeting when things aren’t going my way.

I can grumble under my breath when someone irritates me.

I can even grumble in my head when I want people to think I’m not grumbling, but I really am.

I don’t know about you, but grumbling can be almost a way of life.

For Paul to suggest that I should do everything without grumbling, well, I’m almost at a loss.

How exactly does one do that?

Grumbling seems to occupy an entire constant track in my mind’s playlist.  How do I mute it?

How does one retrain your brain to refrain from complaining?  (Repeat that 10 times fast)

If Paul doesn’t want me grumbling, what other options do I have?

The truth is, grumbling is a hard habit to break.

So let’s start small.

Don’t just bite your tongue when the temptation for grumbling comes — use it for something healthier.

Try Grumbling Replacement Therapy:

Instead of a “Bah Humbug”, try one earnest, “Let me help you with that”, and see how it feels.

A little bit at a time, you can find yourself exchanging grumbling for humbling.

That’s my hard and fast goal.  A humbled heart.

Yes, there are sometimes I fall short…

but I suppose…

I can’t complain.

Have a great week,



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