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We had a flood here in Mulvane and the surrounding area this past weekend.

It was small compared to the mess in Louisiana, but it was big enough to cause a ton of damage.

I’ve seen things I’d only seen on the nightly news:  Streets turned into raging rivers.  Homes destroyed by ceiling-high waters.

Houses being gutted, carpet being torn up, drywall being cut out.

And so much heavy, sopping wet stuff.

When a flood hits a home it does not leave belongings in a nice neat pile.

It churns through a room, and doesn’t distinguish between trash in a trash can and clothes in a dresser.  Or precious belongings stored high on a shelf.

Without warning, people’s lives were instantly reset.  In several cases, starting now with nothing.

Floods are not cool.


The support in the days since our flood has been amazing.

Church members cooking food for disaster workers.  People assembling flood buckets to distribute to families.

Assessors making their way from house to house.  Teams from across the state driving in to do the grueling work of mucking out houses.

Community members, agencies like the Red Cross and the Great Plains Disaster Response, businesses from all over, total strangers mobilizing to love their neighbor, all pouring in to help.

That kind of flood…

is awesome.


Stay dry,


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