Spiritual Air Conditioning

For day and night your hand was heavy upon me; my strength was dried up as by the heat of summer. —Psalm 32:4

What was the greatest invention of the 20th century?

The car?  Antibiotics?  Microwave Popcorn?  (Vote down below)

I know it’s gonna sound petty, but I’m gonna go with air conditioning.   The first modern air conditioner was built in 1902, according to Wikipedia, and I LOVE IT!   That feeling of walking in from the hot sun and feeling that blast of cool air — there’s nothing better.

It’s HOT out there, and summer is just beginning.  I’ve never been good in the heat.  I’m just like that Psalmist, above.   I spend too much time outside, and my strength seems to just dry up.

You know what?  Psalm 32 is short — why not pull out a bible and read it?  What you discover upon reading it is that it isn’t really summer heat that’s making this guy’s life miserable.   It’s his unrepentant ways.   He hasn’t been honest with God.

Oh…it’s that kind of feeling the heat!  Yeah, I’ve been there too.  I have this nasty habit of messing up.   I’ll say something hurtful, or fail to act, or turn my back on the mission God has put me on.   I’ll go against the way of Love and somehow convince myself that I was justified.  Could be a big thing, or a minor thing, but in “the business” we have a term for it:  sinning.

Yep, I’ve done my share.  When I’m unwilling to acknowledge my own sins, they percolate under the surface like a hot pot of coffee.   As much as I try to deny them, the sweat starts to roll off of me.  Every lie I tell myself (and God) raises the temperature around me a couple of degrees.  Before I know it I’ve used all my strength to run away from the simple truth:  That I made a mistake, or a whole series of mistakes, and I need help to get back on track.   I need forgiveness.

Forgiveness is spiritual air conditioning, and God stands ready to provide it.   It must be the greatest invention OF ALL TIME!  God stands ready to help you acknowledge your sins and know that you are forgiven.

How cool is that?

Have a great week,


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