The Other Side of Shadows

Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty.

Psalm 91:9

When I think of shadows, I typically think of the valley of the shadow of death in Psalm 23. I think of being scared of the dark. I think of the poor and forgotten, lost in the shadows of the world. I think of sinners, hiding in the shadows. Generally, I think of bad stuff.

But this verse from Psalm 91 speaks of a shadow that is an unmistakeable blessing: The shadow of the Almighty, a place of rest.

It’s true. There is another side to shadows. The shadow that is the shelter from the heat of the day. The shadow that is protection from the glare of the world’s blinding glitz and glamour. The shadow that comes from standing next to someone bigger, more powerful, and able to provide security and comfort.

As we embrace the long, bright days of summer, I’m mindful of the other side of shadows, the good side. And I’m thankful for the towering presence of the Almighty that helps me keep my cool. I’m blessed to be in the presence of the Most High who provides me a little shade when I need it most.

Though I may walk through the occasional valley of the shadow of death…

the shadow of Life looms larger.

Have a great week,


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