The City of Mitch


The world is firmly established; it shall never be moved. – 1 Chronicles 16:30b

Do you think it’s arrogant to name a city after yourself?

David did it. In the scriptures, Jerusalem is referred to as the City of David.

I can understand that. He was a war hero, a man of God. He sent thousands of revelers to carefully carry the famed Ark of the Covenant back into town, after the Philistines had stolen it. He even wrote one of his famous songs for the occasion. He was so happy he wrote the words, “The world is firmly established; it shall never be moved.”

Ever felt that way? Like you are the capital of Coolzistan? Like you’d be true North on any map? Talk about feeling “on top of the world.”

I’ve been there. I’ve staked out a few times and places like that. Everything comes together. My job is great. My relationship with God is strong. I’ve got friends and family, and no worries, and lots of good times, and plenty of comfort.

Those are great times. Like I’ve got the key to my own city. The City of Mitch.

And like David, I’ve found myself saying similar words at a time like that: “The world is firmly established; it shall never be moved.” Yes! Everything is JUST RIGHT here in the City of Mitch. The weather’s nice. The economic forecast is high. No major injuries reported. Just look at my skyline!

Why change a thing?

And then…something changes. For David, he must have gotten bored. His eye began to wander, and he fell for the lovely Bathsheba, who was already another man’s wife. Funny, he wanted his world to never move, but then he went and gave it a big shove in the wrong direction.  The City of David became a seedier town to live in.

For Mitch? A wonderful holiday, time for relaxing, little to worry about, and then…back into the office. A mound of letters to sign, calls to return, devotions to write. Same city, but a lot more activity in the business district.

Funny thing – I was ready for it. Ready for The City of Mitch to undergo some New Year’s renovations. No major earthquakes, at least not so far, but the truth is, no city is impervious. My world keeps being reestablished again and again and again.

Life has its high moments and its low moments. Kingdoms rise and fall. But you know what?

If you put God at the center of your city, the way David did, the way I try to, the constant contact of God almighty will never leave town.

I don’t know how you’re feeling on this early January day — maybe you feel like they should name a city after you,  or maybe you feel like you’re sitting in ruins. The Ark of the Covenant may not be in a tent in the middle of your town, but the covenant is still with you.

God will be your God for now and ever, and that’s not gonna change.

Even if your skyline does.

Have a Great Week,


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