[Based on the following snippet of a conversation, can you tell where I am?]

“Which is better?  Number 1 or number 2?”

“Umm….number 2?”

“Okay.” click, click,  “Now try this.  Which is better?  number 3 or number 4?”


“About the same?”

“Yeah, about the same.”

“Alright.  Let’s try number 4…or number 5.”

– – – – –

Did you figure it out?

Yep, I went to the eye doctor this week.

As I sat in the chair picking between different lenses and looking at the tiny line of text across the room, I was reminded of a story from Mark 8.

– – – – –

One time, Jesus came across a blind man who asked to be healed.

Jesus licked his thumbs, and put them on the man’s eyes.

“Is that better?” he asked.

“A little,” the man said.  “I can see people walking around but they look like trees.”

Jesus put his thumbs back on the man’s eyes.

“Here, let’s try this.  Better?”

“YES YES YES!  Thank you!”

– – – – –

Two things really strike me from that story.

First…Eww!  I think I prefer the modern science approach to the spit-on-the-eyes approach.

(Although, if it were Jesus’ saliva, I guess I could make an exception. )

Second…and more importantly, this story of Jesus and the blind man is collaborative.

Did you notice?

Jesus gives the man’s eyes a zap and then checks in.  “How’s that?”

The man says, “Still fuzzy.  how about a little more?”

Jesus and this man worked together to make this man see as clearly as possible!

That reminds me of how my optometrist and I worked together, sorting through different lenses.

These are examples of collaborative healing.  Where the patient’s input is essential for success.

Hmm. Working with an eye doctor to find the right lens is one thing.  But collaborating with Jesus?

That’s right.  The all powerful savior of the universe wants to work with you, on your behalf.

– – – – –


When you pray to God for healing, do you pray for God to work on you, or with you?

How you answer that question may determine

how clearly your life is put

into focus.

– – – – –

Have a great week,



(my new glasses)

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