Dancing Unawares

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I witnessed a miracle.

It was in a likely place (at church) but at an unlikely time (shaking hands at the door).

I watched a woman walking towards me.  Bulletin in her left hand, purse and jacket in her right hand.

She was totally unaware of her actions as she walked toward me, but this is what I saw:

  1. She switched the bulletin into her right hand that already held her purse and jacket.
  2. She opened the bulletin awkwardly in that same right hand, allowing her to pull out the announcement insert with her left hand.
  3. She dropped the rest of the bulletin into the recycling bin.
  4. She switch the jacket and purse onto her left arm,
  5. which allowed her to reach out her right hand, and shake mine.

Could you follow that?  It happened in about two seconds.

I know.  Doesn’t sound like much.

I’m not sure why, but time seemed to slow down, and I watched her maneuvering with something close to awe.

She had initiated this really elaborate series of actions during those three steps towards me, and she was totally unaware of it.

In my slowed down vision, this movement back and forth from hand to hand and arm to arm made it look like she was working magic.  Or dancing.

There was something beautiful in this moment.

Beautiful, but otherwise overlooked.

I wondered:  How many times do we dance like this, moving our arms and legs in beautiful ways, without even knowing it?

Once I’d noticed it with her, I noticed it with everyone.  Pulling on coats, carrying toys, adjusting papers, waving goodbye, shaking hands.

Subtle movements, easily missed, but once I’d recognized it, I was transfixed by the beauty of it all.

As I watched hundreds of bodies dancing past me, shaking my hand,

it was as if their physical beings were still praising God even after their mental beings were already thinking ahead to lunch and the rest of the day.

What a revelation! What a miracle!

We might not even notice it, but that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped worshipping.

Our minds may be focussed on other things,

but our bodies continue to be

dancing unawares.

Have a great week,


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