Merry Christmas, Miley Cyrus.


You know who’s name I’d like to draw for Christmas this year?


You bet.  She’d be so easy to get a gift for, because it’s so obvious what she wants.


Yes indeed, if I had Miley’s name I’d just post a big picture of her on my devotion, (which I just did) and mention her name a couple times (which I just did), and quicker than a hummingbird trying to twerk, my gift giving would be all done.

(I can’t believe I just wrote the word “twerk” in one of my devotions)

Okay, Miley’s easy to figure out because she’s such an attention hound.  But think about it:

Isn’t attention a gift you could give anybody?

I mean, some people (like Miley) seem to have made a career out of asking for it.  And honestly, that kind of publicity seeking can really turn me off.

But even quiet, shy, aloof people want and need some degree of attention.

There are folks who require attention: Medical attention, or nutrition, or counseling, or shelter, or safety.

But there are other, no less important kinds of attention, too:  Friendship, affirmation, support.

Everybody needs that kind of attention.  (Even if they act like they don’t).

You need it too.

During Advent and Christmas we celebrate the attention God paid to us.  The gift of Jesus was given to a world that was desperately in need of attention, and still is.

You can be part of that Christmas celebration by paying a little extra attention to the folks who seem to need it the most.

Send an email.  Write a Facebook post.  Call someone up on the phone.

By giving somebody a ring, you’ll be a Joyful Jingle Bell!

(Which is much better than a wrecking ball).

Have a great week,



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