In Car Nation


Did you know that over the Christmas/New Year holiday, long distance traffic jumps up 23% across the U.S.?

Yep.  Lots of people traveling in their cars.

This year, I’ll be one of them.

I’ll be traveling 612 miles due east, from Kansas City to Dayton, Ohio.

I certainly don’t mind the road trip–Christmas music blasting, singing, laughing, relaxing–as long as the roads are clear.

10 hours in a car is such a small price to pay to see my family face to face.

It occurs to me how much traveling was involved in the first Christmas:

Mary and Joseph? About 99 miles, from Nazareth to Bethlehem.
At 5 miles per hour on a Donkey, no less!
I could drive to Ohio and back in the same amount of time.

The Shepherds? Well, just a few miles, probably, down from the hills.
But they had all those sheep to deal with.

The Wise Men? They came from the East.  Persia, maybe?
Nobody knows for sure.  Certainly, it would have been a long journey.

But not the longest.

The distance between Heaven and Earth is quite immeasurable, don’t you think?

But still, Christ made the trip.

To be Emmanuel, God with us.

To become The Incarnation for us.

How about that?

I guess all that distance

was such a small price to pay

to see humanity…

face to face.

Have a great week,



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