Maybe we do need some stinking badges.


Is Christianity leaving you feeling a little unfulfilled?

It can happen to the best of us.

You may be leading a good life, doing your best to stay faithful, but still feeling like a lame duck, treading water.

Well, I was just munching on a thin mint the other day, when it occurred to me:

The Church needs to steal an idea from the Scouts!

No, not cookie sales (although that could be a heckuva revenue stream)

I’m thinking of a long-standing Scout practice that makes things fun, challenging and rewarding.

I’m thinking about badges.


Opportunities to celebrate our step-by-step advancement, just like the Scouts do!

So I went to the Boy Scout website, and stole a few of their badges (they have more than 130 of them) and reworked them for our purposes.

See what you think.  Would you like to work towards any of these?

 Archery Badge:  
Demonstrated ability to articulate the church’s mission and vision with bullseye accuracy.




 Backpacking Badge: Demonstrated ability to carry your own weight on a committee.




 Family Life Badge:  Demonstrated ability to minister to all ages and relationships.




 Hiking Badge:  Demonstrated ability to travel outside the church’s doors in order to connect with new people.




 Public Speaking Badge:  Demonstrated ability to share your faith story or to pray in front of others.




 Search and Rescue Badge:  Demonstrated ability to reach out to church members who haven’t been in attendance recently.




 Sustainability Badge:  Demonstrated ability to focus on prayers, presence, gifts, service, and witness as they form the ongoing life of the church.




 Wilderness Survival:  Demonstrated ability to stay faithful and committed to the church even during times of discernment, conflict, or change.


That’s just scratching the surface!  We could have badges for all kind of achievements.  People could wear their badges proudly — not to elevate themselves, but to encourage others in their discipleship.

What do you think?  Would badges help you set faith goals and work towards them?

Reaching a few milestones might help you fight the temptation to be a lame duck…

soaring high, instead,

like an Eagle (Scout)

Have a great week,



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