Ain’t nothin’ in this life is free, son.


Last week I was at the church, getting a diet-Pepsi out of the pop machine.

Standing next to me, fiddling with the snack machine, were two young guys, obviously at the church for Boy Scouts.

As I reached down to take my soda out of the dispenser, one of the kids playfully reached down and said, “Cool!  Free Pop!”

My response was to say, in an old man voice, “Ain’t nothin’ in this life is free, son.”  This elicited a laugh from the kids.

I chuckled and walked into the gym, opening my pop.  A second later, I hear heavy running footsteps behind me.

It was the two boys, and one of them held a Pepsi.

“It came out!” he exclaimed.  “After yours!”

I laughed and told him it was his to drink.

Now, what are the odds that, mere seconds after uttering “Ain’t nothin’ in this life is free”–the first time I’ve ever made that statement–this pop machine would choose to prove me wrong?

Maybe someone was trying to teach me a lesson?

Could be.  I’ll admit that I’ve attached a cost to most things this Christmas season.

Buying presents — $$.  Renting a car to get to Alabama — $$.  Boarding the dog — $$.

Even things like going to Christmas parties take a toll on my energy, introvert that I am.

Heck, between December 18th and the 25th I have to write and preach 4, count em, 4 sermons.  What are the chances I won’t have expended all my spiritual energy before I head off on vacation?

That’s all costly stuff.

Ain’t nothin’ in this life is free.

Except for Pepsi, apparently.

Pepsi, and, I know full well but sometimes forget, the Love of a Savior.


And because of that love…

I guess that mean’s that I’M free. Strange that it took a Pepsi to remind me of that.

Christmas may come with a cost in today’s world, but the gift of Jesus comes with no price tag, and no strings attached.

And when we accept it,

there’s nothing quite as refreshing.



Have one on me.


Have a great week,



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