Photobombed by Jesus

Do you know what a photobomb is?

Here’s an example:


It’s when somebody “steals” your photograph by suddenly stepping into frame.  Like this banana head.

Well, get used to it.  You are going to take a bunch of photographs this next week, and Jesus Christ is going to photobomb everyone of them.

You’ll take a picture of your family, but there, front and center, appears Jesus.

You take a picture of the lovely meal you’ve prepared, but right next to the table pops none other than Jesus.

Turns out, it’s not just pictures Jesus will be “photobombing”.

He’ll show up just about anywhere you’re looking.

Christmas Tree?  *Pop* There’s Jesus.

Beautiful Snowy Scenery?  *Pop*  There’s Jesus.

Even weird places, like on the nightly news!  *Pop* There’s Jesus!

Even sad places.  Scary places. Empty places.

*Pop* *Pop* *Pop*  Right there, in all those places, is Jesus!

If you’re celebrating Christmas correctly, you’re going to start seeing Jesus everywhere.

It may have already started.

So here’s the trick for dealing with Photobomb Jesus.

Don’t just look AT our savior…

Look through him.

Learn to see the world THROUGH the Lens of Christ,

and this holiday will be a little less



Merry Christmas!




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