If I were the mayor of Ferguson



The mayor of Ferguson, Missouri is a man named James Knowles.

I don’t know him personally.  I saw him interviewed on TV and didn’t really think much of the guy.

But it did get me thinking about the position he holds.

What if I were the mayor of Ferguson?

If I were the mayor of Ferguson, I would not be sleeping well these days.

I’d be waiting by the phone, for news of another “incident”.

Or maybe I’d be out on the streets, shouting for calm through a bullhorn, until I was hoarse.

If I were the mayor of Ferguson, I’d be juggling between angry, weary police officers and angry, weary protesters.

I’d be talking to the media, and listening to the media, and frequently cursing the media.

I’d be wrestling with issues of justice.

I’d be confused about right from wrong.  I’d wonder how we got in this mess.

If I were the mayor of Ferguson, I’d be exhausted.  Maybe wishing I didn’t have this job.

I’d make mistakes, but for the right reasons.  And maybe sometimes for the wrong reasons.

If I were the mayor of Ferguson, I’d realize how little power I actually have.

And so I’d pray.

I’d pray for resolution, and peace, and justice, and I would try to let my prayer guide my actions.

I’d pray for Christ to be present in Ferguson.

I’d pray for the healing power of the Holy Spirit.

For the possibility of change, for reconciliation.

For something better.


I think I am the mayor of Ferguson.

And so are you.


Have a good week,


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