Child_pushing_grandmother_on_plastic_tricycle (1)

I have a lot of Grandparents in my church.

They sure know how to stay busy!

On Saturday afternoons, they watch their grand kid’s sporting events, or work in their yards.

On Sundays, they tell proud stories and show pictures of birthdays, and family gatherings.

But that’s not all.

They seem to know how to do stuff that I still haven’t learned.

Mechanical stuff.  Needlework stuff.  Hospitality stuff.

A lot of the people who make my church happen are Grandparents.

They serve on committees, or sing in the choir.

(Some of them play in the praise band, I’ll have you know)

So many of them know how to cook! And how to repair a car.

And how to love Jesus.

They have room in their schedules — or make room — to help folks who need it.

They are dependable.  And faithful.

And strangely enough, they’re not as much older than me as Grandparents used to be.

As for me, I have no kids, and that’s just fine.

But as God is my witness,

I still hope,

some grand day

to become a Grandparent.

Have a great week,



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