Do ZOMBIES Go To Heaven?

“The tombs also were opened, and many bodies of the saints who had fallen asleep were raised.”  – Matthew 27:52

This one goes out to the Zombies.

You know who you are.   Or maybe you don’t.

What happened to you?  You used to be active, alert, involved.   But not anymore.   Now you march about aimlessly, no destination in mind.  You look at the world through your glazed-over eyes.   I wonder if you’re even aware of life unfolding around you?

Your arms are stretched out in front of you as if you’re reaching for something.  But what ?   Brains?  Heart?  Purpose?   Maybe you don’t even know.

I’d love to get through to you.   Love to undo whatever damage has been done to you.   I’d love to help you undo the damage that you’ve done.  But I can’t help you until you’re willing to come to your senses.  If that’s even possible anymore.

For now, let me just tell you this:  I believe that God loves everybody.   Even Zombies.

So snap out of it!  Though your body may be wasting away, your Soul belongs to God!  There’s more to this life than moaning and shuffling.   So wake up!  I know you can do it!  And this meaningless existence will be left behind like a bad night’s dream.

But, even if you don’t – even if you never blink your eyes and come to your senses, God will welcome you and forgive you.   There is a place for you in Heaven.   Maybe there you’ll see the folly of your tortured life.   Maybe there you’ll find yourself again.

You don’t have to wait, Zombies.   The choice is yours. Heaven is waiting, right here and now.

You can choose to become fully alive, or remain…

Walking Dead.

Have a Great Week (and a Happy Halloween!)


images by joshua ryan smith, plastic revolver

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