Fuzzy People

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You ever meet someone who seems a little out of focus?

As if they don’t quite click into reality.

Maybe they tell you conflicting stories about their life.

Maybe they seem needy — or unhealthily independent.

Maybe you’ve met someone, or know someone, who looks like a human being, but acts like someone who is just acting like one.

I’m talking about people who have been broken into so many pieces that they may never be successfully put back together again.

I call them Fuzzy People.

Some Fuzzy People get that way from abuse.

Or years in the foster system.

Some Fuzzy People have untreated mental illness.

Or dangerous substance abuse.

Some Fuzzy People have all of the above.

It’s hard to know how to help Fuzzy People.  They may require more than you can ever give.

That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. That doesn’t mean there is no hope.

There is counseling and medication and treatment and time and care — it can take the love of many people and agencies to help these most broken of people.

And your compassion plays a part.

So love as you are able,

and say your prayers for Fuzzy People.

That their damaged lives may come to see God’s love

more clearly.

Have a great week,


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