A Room Without A Roof

Have you heard this song?  Take a listen.  Guaranteed to brighten your day.

Question:  Have you ever felt like a room without a roof?

I don’t know that I ever thought about it, until I heard this great song by Pharrell Williams.  (It was nominated for Best Song at the Oscars)

My Answer:  I’m not sure, but I know someone who has:

Once upon a time, there was a guy who was paralyzed.
He was confined to bed all day long.
It made his friends sad.

One day, they heard about a guy in town who could do amazing things.
Work miracles, even.

So they gathered up their friend on a stretcher, and they carried him to the man’s house.

There were so many people at the house,
they couldn’t get in through the front door.
So… they climbed the roof.

And then they began to pull off the thatch ceiling.

And there below, inside the main room,  was the healer, Jesus.
He looked up at them, and smiled,
and allowed them to lower this man down through the ceiling.

Jesus turned to the man and said, “Your Sins Are Forgiven.”
And the man stood up, and walked.

There he was, in a room without a roof,
and that’s exactly how he felt.
Like the sky was the limit.

He felt happy.  And so did Jesus.  And so did his friends.

Wow.  What a great story.  (Mark 2)

Nothing that dramatic has ever happened to me,
but there have been some times when I’ve experienced so much joy
I felt like raising the roof and putting my hands together.

Maybe that was Christ at work inside me.

How about you?  Ever felt that way?

Good.  Then…

Clap along.

Have a great week,



3 thoughts on “A Room Without A Roof

  1. As the pre-school kids were leaving few minutes ago several ventured back to my open door to see where the music was coming from! With about four little people and their parents, we are dancing to Happy into the narthex!!! Now we are happy! Thanks Mitch!


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