Your next turn.


New Year, new office.

Sort of.

I wanted to fit a round table in my office for small meetings, and it required me to move some things around.

Most notably, my desk has shifted across the room, and is turned completely perpendicular to its old orientation.

I love it.

Now I can see out the window instead of having it at my back.

It’s giving me a whole new outlook on 2015!

Ever hear someone say: “I made a big change in my life!  I totally did a 360”?

That is, of course, absurd, since that means turning around in a circle, ending up where you started.

I’ve heard many others say, “I’ve done a whole 180 with my life!”

Which is admirable.  Some folks need to stop what they’re doing, do an about face, and head back the way they’ve come.

Not me.  I think I’m more of a 90 degrees kind of guy.

I don’t want to abandon all forward progress.  I don’t want to just retrace my old steps.

But from time to time I do need a shifted perspective, a new outlook.

A different angle on things.

What about you? What’s your next turn?

Remember the Byrds hit, “Turn, Turn, Turn”?

“To everything, Turn, Turn, Turn.
There is a season, Turn, Turn, Turn.
And a time to every purpose under Heaven.”

Those words, adapted from Ecclesiastes, remind me it’s good to take a turn from time to time.

If we could treat the course corrections and rearrangements of our lives as spiritual disciplines, we may find ourselves (literally) in a better position to be disciples.

That’s a notion that warms my heart, these cold early days of 2015.

But it’s something to remember…

even when it’s 90 degrees.

Have a great week,



3 thoughts on “Your next turn.

  1. Mitch, I wanted to share this and another related article when I do devotions for staff meeting, but I can’t figure out how to print it. Can you help me?

    Doris Housh
    Office Manager
    St. Paul’s UMC
    7740 Lackman Road
    Lenexa, KS 66215

    St. Paul’s exists to
    LOVE God and all others unconditionally, SEEK answers to our questions, and SERVE God by serving others.


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