Cover of Darkness

That’s me, on the right.

Now there was a Pharisee named Nicodemus, a leader of the Jews. He came to Jesus by night…

John 3:1

Right in the middle of this chilly winter, I had a realization. My arms were cold. Every morning I’d sit in my chair and drink coffee, wrapped in a nice warm blanket. But a typical blanket just didn’t cut it when my upper extremities were exposed to the morning air.

I did what millions of other Americans have done: I got on Amazon, and I fixed the problem. Two days later it came delivered to my door: A snuggle blanket. A wearable fleece blanket. A midnight black rectangle with sleeves. My wife laughed as I put it on, (I looked like a Warlock) but sure enough, I was cozy and comfy as I sipped my cup of Joe. It worked!

There’s just one problem:

The darn thing is so pitch black that it takes me a good five minutes to find the holes for my arms. I’ll turn it around, looking in all directions to find where I’m supposed put it on, and it’s too dark. I’ll put one arm in only to discover it’s the wrong arm. The blanket also sports a single breast pocket, so once I locate that, I begin to get my bearings. But by then I’ve worked up enough of a sweat that I don’t need the darn thing anymore.

Sometimes darkness is peaceful, meditative, even spiritual. Other times, it can obscure to the point where you don’t know up from down. My literal “cover of darkness” makes me think of Nicodemus. Remember him? In the Gospel of John, he’s the Pharisee who comes to Jesus with some questions. He chooses to come at night when none of his peers would see him talking to such a controversial figure.

He’s looking for answers, longing for some comfort, but the darkness is like a veil, keeping him from clarity. The conversation with Jesus is not as fruitful as it could have been because of the shadows he was hiding behind. Nicodemus chose darkness instead of the light. It’s possible that he was eventually able to find his way, but the dark made it harder.

The moral of the story? Be careful what you choose to wrap yourself up in,

What may look like a snuggle…

could just add to your struggle.

Have a great week,


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